| Building No. 1738 in Teplice
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Building No. 1738 in Teplice

Building No. 1738 in Teplice


Low electricity

High voltage electricity


Distribution of gas

Data networks

Water utility


17 km from the border

10 km from the highway

0 km of main roads

1 km from the bus stop

3 km from the train station

100 km from the airport

Other informations

The property is sold in the form of public auction.


Detailed info:  http://www.kr-ustecky.cz/verejna-drazba-dobrovolna-budova-c-p-1738-v-teplicich/d-1704187/p1=204705


The land is not a subject of auction (neither pricing) and it is a possession of the City of Teplice.


Specification of free areas

Trnovany building No. 1738, civic amenities, located on the land No. 2029 (LV10001)


It is a freestanding building of civic amenities – unused folk art school near the road Mikoláše Alše. To maintain functionality it requires reconstruction work – repair of vertical constructions, insulations, replacing windows, furniture.

It is a freestanding basementless one floor building. It is of gas-silicate masonry bricks, flat roofed with welded bitumen passports. Concrete foundations, shallow, peripheral gas-silicate masonry bricks. Severely ruined wall is on the South-western edge of the building. Ceiling construction – concrete lintels. Brizolit exterior design, lime interior stuccos. External clinker tiles, internal ceramic and wooden ones.

Disposition: one large room (former dancing hall, gym), in the second part of the building there is a hinterland around the central corridor and there are basic sanitary facilities – bathrooms and washbasins, six other rooms which were used as classrooms or offices. 


Priced with an expert: 1 780 000 CZK

Ing. Vladislava Zeilerová
475 657 411

Route Planner The path from

Building No. 1738 in Teplice
Mikoláše Alše

GPS: 50.652082283, 13.85372403


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